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Sunday, October 13, 2013

giving back

A few years ago, my good friend and fellow photographer, Chelsea Hudson, inspired me to use my gift of photography as more than a business.
She didn't call or write and tell me I should do this, she led by example. Every part of her life she aspires to make people aware of the the slavery that continues in our world. The disgusting truth about the sex trade and how we the people have the opportunity to make a difference. She is a beautiful woman, wife and mother who is passionate about making this world a better place, and she knows that begins with her own voice!

Check out her blog and website,


This led me on a journey to discover how the Lord wants me to use my life as well as my business to give back. Its easy to get comfortable or even caught up with our own lives, and forget about all the suffering around the world. Every person cannot take up a huge cause, but we can ALL make a difference.

I have had a few opportunities to use my photography to bless others, but would love to make it more of my mission to give back! I am not sure how it will all unfold. When I began looking at options, I considered having a picture day, and ask a church to bring in people who would not ordinarily be able to afford a family picture. Have one date where several families come get a few pictures and the church provides a printer to print off their image and they take it home. This is still an option, one day...

Today, however, I met a young couple. They were looking at cloth diapers for their young son, who has skin too sensitive for disposables. Being enlisted (in the army) they have not yet been able to afford the investment of cloth diapers. As I drove away I thought about all of the people who serve our country, they give everything and get nothing in return. The people who sacrifice the most get very little in return.

So this year, I would ask that you nominate a family who serves in the military who could not ordinarily afford a photography session.
Send me a letter explaining why this family deserves a FREE photography session with me 

Ashley Canfield