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Friday, November 20, 2015

What makes NATURAL photography art?!?!

A take on a NATURAL.REAL. photography session

I wanted to take the time to share this post of my own sweet lil mans 

Photography has many styles. It is an Art. Just like painting, drawing, singing ETC
each artist has their own style and take on the image, picture, painting or song. 
I can adapt to my clients and take traditional pictures when necessary, but I feel my best work comes when I am capturing real moments. 

These moments, are what I want to remember... not a perfect child sitting still and saying cheese for my camera, because that is not who he is. EVER. 


pointing at everything. Wanting to know what it is called. He is CURIOUS

He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth... still!!!! 

HE has the sweetest lips ever! SUPER KISSY 

The only book he has ever let me read all the way through..... 

He is super happy. All of the time. And waves at everyone

There are those KISSY LIPS again 

CURIOSITY about everything...
And the SQUAT! I LOOOOOOOOVE the squat. He sits like this forever playing, looking,


These are the moments that are natural for me to capture, and these are the priceless moments you won't want to forget as a parent. 

The days are long, but the years are short. 
CAPTURE your days and the real moments before its too late. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

customized {FLASH DRIVES} wedding

Because it is one day that cannot be remade 
everything about a wedding should be 
perfect & memorable. 

Capturing that day, the big picture and the moments in between… that is what i do with my camera. But how to store those images after that to make it even more priceless for the couple…. 

I stumbled upon 

 It was EXACTLY what I  was hoping to find. Something special, unique and that I can customize myself not a standard template that they give everyone with the bride and grooms name on it. Aside from shooting and editing images I love customizing and design. And I want everything about their day to be ABOUT THEM! Not like everyone else. After all each bride and groom is unique and has their own story, and their wedding is day should be no different. 

These are the perfect way to store their images as well as surprise each bride and groom when they receive it in the mail. 

I wanted something wood. And I love the size. It is almost as thin as a credit card and same dimensions. 

I love how the drive turns and fits inside. Keeping it protected as well as smooth and clean.   

You can't see the back well, it also has an image from the day of the wedding printed very lightly on the back so as to also show my logo and photography information. 

THANK YOU PHOTOFLASHDRIVE for making such a beautiful product. And aaking the ordering and shipping quick and painless. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

sneak peek {G} wedding

My first trip to INDIANA!
I flew in Sunday morning on a 6:00 am flight, which meant a 2:30 am wake up :o 
not tired… at all… zzzzzzz 

After waiting 2 hours to pick up my rental car, and drive an hour in Chicago traffic I made it just a few minutes past 3:00 pm for a 5:00 pm wedding. 

Its a good thing this was an intimate event with just family and close friends, and no bridal party ;) 
BUT I made it in plenty of time to capture the getting ready. 

It was a beautiful home at the parents of the bride. A gorgeous sunset and even in the Indiana humidity we were all smiling at the beauty. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

family {K} spring 2015

This is a SUPER SWEET family! Loved capturing them and their very happy little buy… 

He was so content that he even fell asleep during the session :) 

a little catching up….

Still posting sessions from months ago. Balancing working at home and enjoying my 6 boys and being a good wife :) 

But I had to add these beauties from the SPRING bluebonnets 

The lighting this evening was devine